Welcome to the pages of my website, 'Steam Extravaganza'. Here you will find a whole world of both facts and fiction based around the steam and vintage preservation scene.

It is not the aim of the content to give you chapter and verse on what you are reading, instead I would much rather convey the fun and humour through words and pictures of what can be found on a rally field or show site during the Spring, Summer and Autumn months and the work that goes on behind the scenes during the Winter.

These pages are written by myself (Matt S (Contact)) and I do not claim to represent anyone else but myself. I speak as I find so some of the content may not be to everyone's taste, but it's up to you from this point on into how far you delve into the various elements to be found within.

The pages here and the content within them are constantly changing but the four most popular elements remain constant. They are of course the Engine Index (Link), the activities of our Fowler Steam Roller and the goings on in and around our engine shed (Link), the sights and sounds of the steam section at the Gloucestershire Steam Extravaganza (Link) and the now infamous Blog Pages (Link) which add up to around 1000 pages of content. It could be said though that all the elements interlock, and have built up over a period of tome to create what is a virtual steam rally here on the internet, covering just about everything you will find on a rally field.

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