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Which Is The Best Sport For Health

Which Is The Best Sport For Health (1)

If we look at the health and fitness levels of the ordinary man around a few decades ago, it is quite possible that they were on a much better footing.

This is perhaps because the lifestyle then was not as sedentary as it is today. They had some avenues to work out their body and were known to take part in sports more aggressively than many of us do.

Things have become tough for many of us and we spend major portion of our time in our job, business or other career building activities.

Hence more than ever before, there is a need to identify some sporting activity and be a part of it on a daily basis. There are dozens of such sports.

We will try and have a look at the best sport for health based on feedback and reviews from customers.

How To Choose The Right Sporting Activity

When it comes to choosing the best sport a number of factors must be taken into account.

Ease of daily practice, availability of basic infrastructure, and having the flexibility to be a part of it any time of the day are perhaps important as far as the average person is concerned.

Given the busy schedules that many of us are into, it may not be possible to take part in a sporting activity which might score higher in terms of overall workout quotient.

Taking the above ground realities into account here is a look at a few sporting activities which could be great for the average man on the street.

Swimming & CyclingWhich Is The Best Sport For Health (2)

There is no doubt that swimming is often considered to best exercises and it is often regarded as the complete exercises. The best thing about swimming is that it can be done almost any time of the day.

A reasonably hard swimming workout for about 45 minutes could help in burning around 350 calories.

It also helps in toning the muscles, removing joint stiffness and gives a new impetus to your metabolism.

If you have an all season swimming pool you could spend time on it round the year.

Cycling is also a great exercise and is considered to be one of the best cardio exercises.

If you cycle at a moderate speed for around one hour it might be possible to burn around 500 calories which is great.

Cycling also is a great sport for toning leg muscles and also increasing blood flow to the hearth and improving cardiac function.

Therefore when it comes to choosing the best sport for health, both cycling and swimming could easily be considered.